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Brakes Repair Service

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The brake system in your car plays a very important part in your car’s safety and performance. That's why at First Season Automotive Service we take it very seriously. If you are starting to hear noises every time you start to brake it might be time for you to let certified professionals take a look at your car's brakes.


We seek to maintain a good relationship with customers and we also give you the most competitive rates in Windsor Mill, MD. Call us to know more about our services at 410-496-1100.

Complete brake service

  • Inspect your brake system’s linings and other key components, which will allow us to come up with a precise diagnostic for your vehicle brakes so we can fix it the right way.

  • Provide proper repair for your vehicle brakes, which will include replacing parts like pads, hardware, and depending on the situation drums and/or rotors.

  • Check the brake fluid exchange. If necessary we will remove the old fluid and replace it with new.

Knowledgeable and Reliable Brake Repairs

Stay safe on the road with quality brakes