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Engine repairing

Quality Engine Repairs

The engine is the heart of your vehicle and requires similar care as your heart. The engine is very complex and can wear out over time and cause your vehicle

to lose fuel, economy, and power.


In order to keep your vehicle on the road in its best shape as possible, it’s important that you schedule maintenance like your manufacturer suggested.

Competitive rates and reliable service

Trust our certified professionals for any engine repair needs you have.

When you notice your car is using more fuel than it used to, bring it in.

If you hear sounds that do not seem normal, get the repairs you need with us.


We give you a 20% discount on repairs. Let us take a look to see how we can improve your engine. To schedule a tune-up, call First Season Automotive Service at 410-496-1100.

Keep Your Engine Running Smooth

Expert engine care at affordable rates