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Engine tune up

Get Your Tune-Up Taken Care of Today

If you are having trouble starting your car, or your car is not being as fuel efficient as it once did, stalling, and not running with the same power as before, it might be time for you to get a tune-up.


First Season Automotive Service in Windsor Mill, MD, can help you out. You will also get a discount of 10% on the repairs. Give us a call to schedule your

appointment at 410-496-1100.

Full inspection of your vehicle

  • Your vehicle’s engine fuel injectors are how they should be.

  • The spark plugs to see their age and wear

  • The spark plug performance to make sure they are working properly

  • The points and condenser of your car

  • The ignition timing and idle if needed

  • The engine’s PCV valve

  • The engine’s air filter and cabin air filter

  • Oil and coolant levels

We Take Care of Your Car

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